St John's Church



Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


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1st Sunday

11 a.m Holy Communion


3rd Sunday

11 a.m. Holy Communion


4th Sunday

11:00 Morning Prayer


5th Sunday

11 a.m.Area Service



Our vision as Christians is to continue to develop as a welcoming community of faith, sharing God's love in worship, spirituality, word and deed and seeking to respond to the needs of the people of the village and wider community in which we are an active presence and partner



Click here for photos from the VE day in Kingstone




Does this community need a sanctuary for Worship, holding Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals in the centre of this beautiful rural setting?

Generations of families have given loyal and unstinting service in many varied ways to promote and ensure its future and there are still dedicated parishioners committed to providing all that is necessary for the promotion of God’s Kingdom in our village.

We look for fresh ideas and stimulus to encourage people to join us, not only in our Sunday Worship but in all events that contribute to the life of the Church.

We need a new generation, with new ideas for making the Church more accessible and refreshing in its appeal to everyone in our community.

Come and talk to our Churchwarden Ann Gallimore or any of our Parochial Church Council members listed below..                                

                  Bronwen Dodd

                  Charles Dodd                                      

                  Barbara Oakley

                  Geoff Oakley

                  Kath Proctor

                  Pauline Ridout    

                  Lynne Smith

                  Louise Taylor


What does the Future hold for the Church in Kingstone?

Church and Rhodedendrons DSCN7164

If someone has not been to Church for a while , then they sometimes are unsure about what to expect.

Our take up is mostly volunteers, parents and young children, but Messy Church is for all ages.

We would encourage anyone to stop by on the second Saturday of the month, even if it just for a cup of tea or coffee and to have a look at what we are doing.

We are very informal and love people to you to join in all the activities or be creative in a different way. We have lots of resources that you can try your hand to.  Wear comfortable clothes and don’t think you have to dress up. We don’t!

Unfortunately, we do not know yet when we will be able to restart Messy Church. To see what we have been doing previously, click here or click the tab above.

Messy Church

Messy Church is

•is a way of being church for families involving fun

•is found across the world

•values are about being Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration

Coronavirus implication for the Church of England

On 22nd March, 2020 the Church of England took the church into people’s homes – through TV screens, laptops, computers and mobile phones – for the first Sunday without public worship.

Although Churches are reopening, on-line content is still available

More than 300 live streaming services have been added to  The Church’s “Time to Pray” app, which includes simple daytime and night prayer services, is now free to everyone and an accompanying daily audio offering on SoundCloud and iTunes was launched on Friday 19th March, with the Archbishop of Canterbury leading worship.

Locally, Margaret Hatchard has provided a weekly service on You Tube. You can search for it under St Peter's Marchington. The service is available on Zoom at 10:00 am on Sundays. Email for a link if you would like to participate

In addition to the #LiveLent reflections, which are available both in written and audio form, there will be a new series of mental health reflections.

Finally, the Church’s smart speaker apps provide a range of prayer and other Christian resources for people to access at home.

Renew Church, part of Uttoxeter Churches together, is streaming services online on Facebook every Wednesday night at 8pm and Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. Their foodbank is still operating and they would welcome any donations.




Keep us, good Lord,

under the shadow of your mercy.

Sustain and support the anxious,

be with those who care for the sick,

and lift up all who are brought low;

that we may find comfort

knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

in Christ Jesus our Lord.






Church Finances during lockdown

During this difficult time when our church buildings are closed, we are still a church; meeting virtually for prayer services and fellowship, loving our neighbours by offering practical support to the vulnerable, and caring for our communities. The work of our church is reliant on people’s generosity, a generosity that is a hallmark of a lived-out faith and a testament to it.

We give to our church in a variety of ways, but with the closure of all our buildings we cannot receive all the gifts that we usually would, so we really need your help now. If you are able to make a donation, then you can drop off a donation at the home of Geoff Oakley, our Treasurer at 10 the Meadows. Alternatively, the Team at Lichfield Diocese Board of Finance have created a “Donate Now”

on-line facility on the Diocese Website ( to enable people to give to their local church.

If you would like to donate to St. John's in Kingstone, go onto the diocese website (, put Donate Now in the search box, then follow the instructions.

Thank you





Sunday, 2nd May     11.00 am   Holy Communion

Sunday, 16th May    11.00 am   Holy Communion

Sunday, 23rd May   11.00 am    Morning Prayer

Sunday, 30th May   10.00 am   Area Zoom Service


Mask wearing, santitising and social distancing is in place at all services to avoid the spread of coronavirus

For more details, please see the Church of England Website


Kingstone Church Fete - Sunday 18th July 2021,

Our Church Fete which is due to take place on Sunday 18th July 2021, subject of course to any government restrictions in place at that time. Unfortunately, we had to cancel our fete in 2020, but in early planning we had decided to have a theme of the Earth and as well as our usual stalls, to invite organisations related to the environment, nature, waste reduction, etc  This fitted with the United Kingdom hosting the Climate summit and the Church’s aspiration to become an Eco Church.

The Woodland Trust, Hoglets and Fairtrade Uttoxeter are attending. Waste Savvy Uttoxeter, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and Friends of the Earth also hope to field a couple of volunteers.

Our aim is to make this more than a fete and increase interest in the environment in the village and town. I hope that the environmental theme wil also attract people who are activively wanting to learn more about reducing their carbon footprint.

If you would like to help or support us, please email me.