St John's Church



Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


01889 560234

Public Access Arrangements


The Church is opened on each Saturday throughout the year from 10.00am until 4.00pm. (temporarily closed during Coronavirus)


If you are visiting or merely spending a quiet time of contemplation we would very much like to know that you have spent some time in our church.   Please sign the visitor’s book.





At other times there are keys available in the village (See list below).


We would be grateful when you ask for a key that you tell us the purpose of your visit.


Again, please sign the visitor’s book to let us know you have been into the church.




Keys are available at:-


10 The Meadows - Mr Geoff Oakley  - 01889-500318


40 The Meadows Mr Charles Dodd - 01889 500367


The Meadows Mrs Lynne Smith - 01889 500602



A Church History booklet is placed on the cupboards on the right as you enter the church.


           A donation of £1.00 would be appreciated if you wish to take one away.