St John's Church



Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


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Church Artifacts

The Stained Glass Windows


The beautiful stained glass windows in the chancel are in memory of Alfred Johnson (1905) and Louisa and John Stonier (1929).   The painting on the floral supports to the vaulting over the chancel and on the altar rail is an interesting and recent addition by Mrs. W.E. Upton, the wife of the then vicar (1960). The pews are of pine, stained and varnished, and are open and free.







The Paschal Candle Stand, acquired from a local antique business in Uttoxeter in February 2004 and adapted by Charles Dodd, is of the Regency period, circa 1820, of mahogany and with inlaid tracery. Such items were commonly referred to as ‘Torcheres’, particularly on the continent where they were generally more ornate, and were used to support candelabrum. They are now widely used as jardinières or plant stands.







The interesting iron-bound wooden chest was bequeathed to the church by Hughe Niedtam in 1601, for use by the parishioners as a place to keep alms for the poor in satisfaction of the ‘Poor Law Act of 1552’. It was made in 1608 and inscribed with his name and the initials of the reigning churchwardens, RB and TB, Robert and Thomas Barton, in keeping with the custom established during Tudor times. Elizabethan legislation and the canons of 1603 repeated the need for such a chest in each church and further legislation required the newly ordered registers to be kept in such a chest.

Pascal_Candle DSCN4863 Iron_Bound_Chest