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December 2018 - Messy Christmas

You can relight your Christingle at home. When you do remember that the parts of a Christingle are symbolic:

•The orange is round like the world.

•The candle stands tall and straight and gives light in the dark like the love of God. Jesus is the ‘Light of the World’

•The red ribbon goes all around the 'world' and is a symbol of the blood Jesus shed when he died for us.

•The four sticks point in all directions and symbolise North, South, East and West - they also represent the four seasons.

•The fruit and sweets represent the fruits of the earth, nurtured by the sunshine and the rain.

•The foil is only there to catch the wax when it drips!


When you’ve eaten the edible bits of your Christingle, use the candle as a focus for praying as a family in the run-up to Christmas – maybe just before a meal or at bedtime. Take it in turns to light it, pray or blow it out.

Make a Christingle at home for a lonely neighbour.

Read about the work of The Children’s Society online ( and talk about it as a family.


A Christingle Prayer

We think about our world.....Jesus, please let your love and light fill the whole world, especially the darkest places.

We think about your love wrapping the world like a beautiful gift ribbon and we pray for anyone who feels they are outside that loving hug.

We think about the gifts you’ve provided for us – the fruits of the seasons and the abundance of good things ... Please help us to enjoy what you’ve given us, to be thankful and never take it for granted, and to make sure everyone in our community has a fair share.


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