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Messy Church - January 2017

January's theme was about the calling of Samuel:


It was still dark, all was quiet and Eli and Samuel were sleeping. Then out of the blue, God called, “Samuel”. Anyone who has been woken by a sudden noise in the middle of the night can imagine how Samuel, half asleep and slightly dazed, must have felt as he stumbled into Eli’s room, only to be told that Eli had not called him. God continued to call Samuel, and Samuel continued to respond by assuming it was Eli’s voice. In the moments spent traipsing back and forth, Samuel must have been wondering what was going on.

The same is often true for us. When God calls us to do something, we often wonder, ‘Did he rally say that? Is he really asking me?’ That’s when we need an Eli around, from whom to seek prayer and wise counsel. We need people to support us and help us to tune into what God is saying. It took God four attempts to finally get Samuels attention? Thankfully God is persistent, and when we miss his call the first time, he tries again. When Samuel finally really who was speaking to him, his response was “Speak, I’m your your servant, ready to listen”. Samuel was not only ready to listen, but more importantly, ready to respond. By stating, “I’m your servant”. Samuel declared his willingness do what God asked. Is that how you approach your relationship with God?  Why not start your prayer time today with asking God to speak, offering yourself in servanthood to him and listening to what he has to say.

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