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It's the World Cup

1 Corinthians 9:24-27

In today’s Bible reading, St Paul is writing to the Church in Corinth. Paul starts talking about running a race. There were a lot of events like this in Corinth, so he wrote about something they could understand by using a comparison. Think about the track at school. People dressed to run, whether they are running on the track or running cross country on the path outside the stadium. He says you know all those that run in a race…run. They don't walk, or stroll, or jog.

Everyone wants to win the prize! But only one receives the prize.  Paul says to run the race in a way so that you will obtain (get) the prize. Everyone is there to compete for the prize and they are self-controlled, in all things. They do it to win the perishable crown. The earthly prize that really doesn’t matter.  BUT Christians, are running the race to get the imperishable crown. The never-ending or permanent crown which is Heaven.

Think of what footballers do to prepare for a game. They take care of themselves, study the game and prepare to win. They do whatever it takes to win! They live their sport. Just as we should live for Jesus. We need to study the Bible constantly so we know what the answers are when friends ask questions. Studying the Bible also keeps our minds focused on God and not things of the world.


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