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June 2016 - Jesus' Miraculous catch of Fish


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Today’s theme was from John 21: 1-14, where the disciples have been fishing through the night without catching anything. Jesus was standing on the shore (although they did not recognise him) and asked them if they had caught anything. They said no and he told them to throw their net over the other side of the boat. They did it and got 153 big fish and realised that it was Jesus who had given the advice. They went to the shore and had breakfast cooked by Jesus.


Can you imagine how excited they would have been? What if they had refused to listen to the advice from the shore?

They would have missed out on the wonderful breakfast on the beach. What happen when you and I refuse to do the things that Jesus has called us to do? We miss out on the wonderful blessings He wants for us.



Father, we know that you have wonderful blessings in store for us when we faithfully follow our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we will always be obedient disciples. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.