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KLN February 2020


Kingstone WI   - January Meeting 2020



When it was first suggested that the entertainment at the New Year Party might be a pantomime, fifteen members volunteered to take part! After a bit of re-writing of the script to accomodate them all, the cast was sorted and by November 2019 scripts for ‘Citronella’ were given out.


In a mirror image of the traditional Cinderella set-up, Citronella is an unpleasant young lady with two attractive sisters, and Prince Charming is plotting a trick with a glass slipper to avoid finding a girl to marry. It's up to the fairy-godmothers and the narrator to get the story back on the rails.


Members had great fun devising costumes and the results were ‘interesting’ to say the least. Val Laflin’s Fashion Designer was something to behold! The two sisters were delightful in bright pink…almost camouflaged in their pink bedroom. Not one, but two Fairy-godmothers, wearing tutus (or as some joker suggested three-threes – as befitted their age!) cast magic spells with very sparkly wands, which had minds of their own in the ‘on – off’ department!


A very regal King and Queen laid down the law to their uncooperative son, in a scene made even more amusing by Her Majesty losing her place in the script.  In order to avoid stress, had been made  clear from the beginning that lines would not be learned by heart, but it was not realised how difficult it could be to find one’s way back if one took one’s eyes off the words for a moment to do a bit of acting!


Jean Gallimore as the shoe maker cum glass blower cum Master Baker (whose pastry “of course, is choux”) is commissioned to make a very small glass slipper which will fit no-one, ensuring that the dashing Prince will not be compelled to marry.


The action was paused for a delicious supper of beef stew and trifle,

before the last scene when the whole puzzling plot was sorted out at the Ball, as if by magic!


The March meeting will be on Monday 10th February at 7.30 pm. Simon Wilson will be talking on ‘Pies and Sausage’. If your mouth is watering already, do come along!



We had a very busy and exciting December at Talbot First School.


We had a Christmas Fair at the village hall on Friday 22ndt November. Cherry, Maple and Willow Classes made a selection of handmade Christmas decorations to sell which raised some money for the school. Maple Class thought of a fun game for people to play at the Fair and this was very popular. We had a chocolate cake with cocktail sticks in and if you pulled out a red one, you won a sweet and if you pulled out a green one, you won a tin of Quality Streets. The school choir performed Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bell Rock, Winter Wonderland and Rocking around the Christmas Tree. Thank you to everyone who came and supported our Christmas Fair and helped us to raise money.




On 9th and 10th of December we performed our Christmas Play, ‘Hey Ewe’. Narrators told the story of the nativity. We acted out the story, dressing up as people and animals. The actors were children from Reception to Year 4. Some people said that it was a dazzling performance and it was great fun to perform. The song ‘Hey Ewe’ and the dance to go with it was our favourite.




On the 12th December, we enjoyed our Christmas dinner at school. Thank you to all the lunchtime supervisors for making it such fun. On 13th December, we came into the school wearing our Christmas Jumpers to support the charity Save the Children by donating £1 or more. On Monday 16th December, we had invited members from the village in to school to hear the children from Reception to Year Four sing Christmas songs whilst enjoying coffee and mince pies. We really enjoyed singing our songs for you. We had our Christingle service at the church on the 18th December and on the 19th December we all went on our Christmas trip to Amerton Farm. We all had lots of fun.




We have had our Christmas holiday and we are now back at school. It was really nice to come back and see our friends. We are looking forward to starting our new topics and also going to the theatre at the end of January.




We hope you all had a merry Christmas.




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