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March 2015 - A Celebration of Mothers

Messy Church took place on the day before Mothers' Day, so we took the opportunity to make thank you gifts for our Mums and the special ladies in our lives.


Mum, Grandma, nan, aunt, friend, neighbour… at Messy Church we celebrated, prayed and said thank you for those ladies who have played an important part in our lives.


By making a special gift together or playing one of the games, it helped us to think of all the messy jobs that parenting involves!  Changing nappies, even those with Ketchup or choclate sauce was too much for some!


For some of us, as we think of our Mums, painful memories will arise, or the sadness of loss. Or maybe our Mum is ill. We invited everyone to light a candle and bring their thoughts and feelings before God, remembering Gods ‘Mothering’ love and care for us, as he meets our needs and nurtures us.

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Interesting Fact…


Did you also know that Lichfield Cathedral is also known as our ‘Mother Church’. It is where our Vicars and Deacons are ordained and other very special services are held. It is not that far away so why not take a visit.