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November 2015


At November's Messy Church, we explored God’s magnificent rescue of his people, the Israelites, as they escaped from slavery in Egypt and the Egyptian army who tried to chase them. (Exodus 14:5-29) and how God provided for him people in the desert (Exodus 15:25 and 16:13-15)

As the Israelites joyfully leave their captors, they march towards the sea. But Pharaoh suddenly changes his mind and sends his army after the former slaves, catching up with them and trapping them at the edge of the Red Sea. Moses appeals to the Lord for help, and the sea parts, allowing the Israelites to safely cross to the other side. Pharoah’s army is not so lucky. As they pursue the Children of Israel, the sea closes in upon them and they all perish.

In gratitude for God’s rescue, Moses leads the people in song, but the spate of merriment is short-loved. As they follow Moses around the wilderness for some forty years, the people begin to whine against him. They complain of thirst and hunger as they grow impatient with Moses. Despite the people’s moaning and groaning, the Lord provides fro them with manna from heaven.

We made

Chariots pulled by a Clothes-peg horse, an Egyptian shield and sword, a Fishy collage and made a Pillar of “cloud and ice” from strawberries and marshmallows

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