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Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


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October 2015

Our theme this month was "Jesus' Friends". We learned about how Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, but his story from John's Gospel (Chapter 11) tells us alot about Jesus.

Jesus had friends just as we do, and he was deeply connected to the people around him. It is sometimes easy to forget that Jesus was human; that like us he experienced sadness and pain as well as joy and laughter. What is so amazing about this story is the importance it places on friendship and family. We see Jesus identifying with the pain of loss. Lazarus’s sisters realise that there is no one better to go to for help than Jesus.

This story reminds us that our timing is not always the same as God’s. He has the bigger picture in mind, and we must recognise that while he may not give us the answer we want at the time that we want, he will also listen and offer comfort to us.

We had lots of fun - making a Mummy from toilet paper, decorating hankies, Mary and Martha cupcakes, cheering up cards and identifying various smells.

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