St John's Church



Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


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More Recent Changes

It can be seen from early sketches that there was no clock when the church was first built.

The clock now built into the tower is by J.B. Boyce & Co. Ltd. of Whitchurch, Shropshire, and was presented by past and present pupils of Kingstone School and dedicated in July 1932. The roof cladding and tiles on the nave and chancel were replaced in 1994/5 and the organ and clock refurbished in 2001.


The Chancel Arch and Vestry Door Inscriptions:

The phrases from the scriptures originally painted over  the chancel arch and the clergy vestry door and removed many years ago were repainted by Fishers of Stafford in May 2005. The design and lettering used was chosen to match the commandment tablets at each side of the arch.

They were made possible by a legacy and a further donation in memory of Frank Lowe; for many years a Sunday School leader, Chorister and Churchwarden.The Paschal Candle Stand


In 2009, a project to reorder the west end of the Church was completed and has been a tremendous success. Six pews were removed, the area levelled and carpeted, and oak cupboards constructed across the west wall incorporating a sink unit with water heater and storage cupboards for the sound system and service books. Chairs have been purchased to replace the pew seats lost and tables for meetings, refreshments and the children’s Sunday Club. The Church is generally well maintained.


The disability access ramp and entrance through the side of the porch and the re-grading of the church path to the village hall car park, was completed by Clive Lawson, Design and Construction, working with Bottle Kiln Garden Design in October 2004. A drainage pipe was installed beneath the path to provide for the fitting of other facilities in church in the future.


In 2013, the Spire of the Church was repaired. This was a significant project, only made possible by the generousity of the local community, businesses and English Heritage

Kneelers Altar

The Hassocks, 100 in all, were made and presented by parishioners to mark the 2000 Millennium.

The altar frontal, pulpit fall and the communion burse and veil,  made by Mrs. Kathleen Jenkinson and members of the Kingstone Women’s Fellowship, were given to the church and dedicated in June 2003.