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Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy and Procedures - 2019/2020



The Church is committed to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children and has adopted the National and Diocesan Safeguarding Policies.


Our Safeguarding Coordinator is Barbara Oakley, who can be contacted on 01889 500318. These policies have been ratified and adopted by the Parochial Church Council.



A. Policy


1.  Safety: The Parochial Church Council (PCC) will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the children, young people and vulnerable adults for whom it bears responsibility, risk- assessing activities and supervising staff working with them.


2.  Pastoral Care:  As members of the parish we commit ourselves to respectful pastoral care for all adults and children to whom we minister in any way, especially for those who may be vulnerable, ensuring their well-being, inclusion and empowerment in the life of the church and the community.


3.  Reporting Abuse: It is the responsibility of each of us to show zero tolerance towards the physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse of all vulnerable people, putting their welfare first.  Following the Diocesan Safeguarding Protection Flowchart, we will report, without prejudice, though not investigate, any such abuse that we discover or suspect, recording our concerns factually and promptly in accordance with the Recording with Care Policy 2017. We will not take chances.


4.  Safe Recruitment: We will carefully recruit all those in positions of trust, ensuring that they have DBS clearance and the necessary Safeguarding training and that they adopt safe and fair practice with all, especially those who are vulnerable.


5.  We will actively, but appropriately, challenge each other in our work to ensure that we do not oppressively impose our own values or views to another's detriment.  We will be open, transparent, and not have secrets.




B. Procedures


1.  This policy will be reviewed and approved by the PCC annually at the first PCC meeting that takes place following the AGM. The Group Information Form will be reviewed and approved at the same meeting, or, if after-school groups are involved, as soon as possible after the beginning of the group year (September).


2.  The parish adopts the guidelines of the Church of England, the Diocese of Lichfield and the Uttoxeter Area of Churches.


3.  The PCC will elect a Safeguarding Co-ordinator and a Children's Advocate at the PCC Annual General Meeting each year.


4.  Barbara Oakley is the approved Safeguarding Co-ordinator and Louise Taylor the Children's Advocate for the year 2019/20.


5.   The co-ordinator is responsible to the PCC for ensuring that these procedures are implemented, and is the point of contact through which concerns about child and vulnerable adult protection will be channelled. She will undertake to maintain a relationship with the Diocesan Safeguarding Team and other agencies.


6.  We undertake to exercise proper care in the appointment and selection of members of the PCC and


those who work with anyone who may be vulnerable:


•applicants will be required to complete the Lichfield Diocesan


                  Confidential Declaration and the Job Application Form.


•applicants will be required to provide two references.


•before appointment, or the continuation of any appointment after five years,  


                  appointees will need to apply for and supply clearance from the Disclosure and                    


                  Barring Service.


7.  The PCC will use the Disclosure and Barring Service for checking PCC members', group leaders’ and Open-the-Book leaders’ and helpers' criminal records. This will be done online using the Deanery Verifiers and updated every five years.


8.  All information provided will be confidential and completed declaration forms and references


securely held by the incumbent, the Safeguarding Co-ordinator, or, in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon.


9.  All members of the PCC and group leaders and helpers will be required to undertake safeguarding courses C0 and C1 on line and clergy, the church wardens, safeguarding co-ordinator and group leaders will also undertake course C2, face-to- face safeguarding training. At least one leader of each group will be required to undertake First Aid training, renewable every three years.


10. The PCC is directly responsible for the following group, which includes children and young people:


•Messy Church


11. The PCC requires any group listed in 10 to complete the Group Information Form on an annual basis and submit a copy for approval by the PCC. Additional activities planned away from church should have approval of the PCC and a detailed programme and list of contacts' details should be left with someone on the PCC.  Registers of those present at all activities will be maintained.    


12.  The PCC will issue clear guidelines for avoiding situations where children or young people could be in danger.


13.  The PCC requires the Safeguarding Co-ordinator to ensure that leaders and helpers receive up-to-date safeguarding training and that those working with young children, young people and vulnerable adults:


•work to the agreed clear roles for leaders and helpers, sign to that effect and carry


them out at all times


•undertake risk assessments for all activities, considering safety from abuse, injury,


    allergies, health concerns and other risks related to circumstances and environment


14.  All those undertaking activities alone on church business, either on, or away from church premises will be given a copy of the Uttoxeter Area of Churches' Lone Working Policy and will be required to abide by it.


15.  Only suitable known and responsible people may become key holders.


16.  Visiting groups which hire the church will satisfy the PCC that they have a safeguarding


 policy and, if not, they will be required to adopt and implement the PCC policy.


17.   The PCC will publish on the notice board at the back of the church, a copy of this Safeguarding Policy, the Diocesan Safeguarding Protection Flow Chart and a list of help lines and their telephone numbers. In addition, all validated leaders, helpers and PCC members will be given copies.


18.  The PCC will carry public liability insurance and will insure all leaders and staff for personal accident.


19.  The PCC will make a copy of this policy and its procedures available, if requested, at the Archdeacon’s visitation.


20.  We commit to discuss safeguarding as a standing PCC agenda item and accept collective responsibility

for this important issue.


                                                                     Updated February 2020