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Team Rector: Rev. Margaret Sherwin


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September 2015

We learned the story of the man who wanted to build a bigger barn to store his bumper harvest.

At this time of year, our minds turn to harvest, the ingathering of food. The man in the parable harvested his crops, but he had more than he needed to see him through to the next harvest. He tells himself that he will take time off, no need to work, as his bounty will sustain him for a long time to come. But we know from the end of the parable that the man's life will end that night. All his plans to stockpile good things for himself come to nothing.

Water bottles were distributed to give some of our plenty to help others who do not have access to clean water. Everyone was encouraged to drink the water out of the bottle, appreciate that we can have fresh clean water straight out of the tap, collect small change in the bottle and bring to the next Messy Church or the Harvest Services.

All change will be donated to Water Aid (


We had some fun building barns of our own with junk and bricks, made some bread rolls to bake at home and painted tractor wheels.